Release Notes

Mini-NDN version 0.5.0 (Major changes since version 0.4.0)

Breaking Changes:

  • Mini-NDN re-design: simple and robust design with better quality, control, and more consistency with Mininet

New features:

  • Add a script to generate up-to-date NDN testbed topologies for Mini-NDN
  • Add Mini-NDN utility application for PCAP logging
  • Add NDN routing helper to compute centralized LS and HR routes
  • Add routing helper to allow IP communication in experiments
  • Add startup experiments for NLSR and current testbed topology
  • Move the NDNPing wrapper method to a helper class
  • Create a helper class to provide a wrapper around nfdc

Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • Change workDir and resultDir to be class attribute
  • Quiet apt install for Vagrant
  • Fix route computation bug in ndn_routing_helper
  • Fix overwriting of existing prefixes in ndn_routing_helper
  • Move log files to resultDir after evaluation finishes
  • Check for duplicate HR coordinates in the topology file
  • Check PSync integration and add a tests case for it
  • Bug fixes in nfdc and experiments
  • Added functionality to check Mini-NDN dependencies
  • Parser fix to avoid an infinite loop
  • Allow use of NFD and NLSR PPA with Mini-NDN
  • Remove arbitrary arguments in favor of parsing arguments from experiment files
  • Auto-complete command-line arguments
  • Add option to set CS size
  • Adjust to use ndn-cxx logging

Mini-NDN version 0.4.0 (changes since version 0.3.0)

Release date: January 10, 2018

New features:

  • Use SIGQUIT to quit Mini-NDN, SIGINT to kill programs
  • Use Infoedit to edit NFD and NLSR configuration files
  • Use nlsr.conf installed in the system
  • Provide a Vagrantfile to setup Mini-NDN and NDN
  • Provide option to disable NLSR
  • Provide an option to run NLSR in dry-run mode
  • Add option to specify whether to use TCP or UDP face in nlsr.conf
  • Add option to specify arbitrary arguments to use in experiments
  • Include a single option to install Mini-NDN and all the dependencies

Bug fixes:

  • Fix “key does not exist error” after NLSR starts
  • Update to call ldconfig after installing ChronoSync
  • Add hyperbolic coordinates to default topology

Misc changes:

  • Add an experiment to test nlsrc
  • Create faces in NFD for each neighbor in NLSR
  • Update to latest ndn-cxx
  • Use /tmp/minindn folder as default work dir instead of /tmp

Mini-NDN version 0.3.0 (changes since version 0.2.0)

Release date: March 3, 2017

New features:

  • Mini-NDN cluster edition
  • New experiments for making NLSR testing easier

Bug fixes:

  • Set site name correctly
  • Install missing certificates in NLSR security config
  • Fix quitting of NLSR due to key not found error

Misc changes:

  • Removed nlsr.conf file, generate it within the code
  • Use argparse instead of deprecated optparse
  • Update security config section for NLSR
  • Change mininet prompt to mini-ndn
  • Set network name at one place
  • Update script to install openssl
  • Update script to install cryptopp from package instead of compiling from source
  • Update to clean build folder every time to get rid of removed files such as old experiments
  • Fix old code - use net.hosts instead of storing hosts in a variable
  • Use nfdc instead of deprecated nfd-status

Mini-NDN version 0.2.0 (changes since version 0.1.1)

Release date: August 18, 2016

New features:

  • Automatic security configuration for NLSR
  • Use /usr/local/etc/ndn/nfd.conf as default config file for NFD
  • Class to monitor /proc/$PID/stat file for PID
  • Mini-NDN exits gracefully on SIGINT and non-convergence
  • Faster Mini-NDN install script - does not do apt-get update everytime
  • NLSR is launched with explicit config file for easier process identification
  • Add and update more documentation

Bug fixes:

  • NFD is killed correctly on exit
  • Best route strategy is set correctly

Mini-NDN version 0.1.1 (changes since version 0.1.0)

Release date: November 4, 2015

New features:

  • Use nfd.conf.sample from currently installed NFD
  • Add working directory option to allow execution environment outside of /tmp
  • Add results directory option to store experiment results after completion
  • Add support for switches in GUI and configuration file
  • Add failNode and recoverNode methods to Experiment class
  • Add most connected node (MCN) failure experiment
  • Add option to specify percentage of nodes pinged

Code changes:

  • Refactor program options into container class
  • Remove unused “FIB Entries” option from NDN host options

Bug fixes:

  • Abort start up if experiment name is invalid
  • Restart pings after recovery in failure experiment

Mini-NDN version 0.1.0 (initial release)

Release date: July 15, 2015

Mini-NDN is a lightweight networking emulation tool that enables testing, experimentation, and research on the NDN platform. Based on Mininet, Mini-NDN uses the NDN libraries, NFD, NLSR, and tools released by the NDN project to emulate an NDN network on a single system.

Included features:

  • Run a complete NDN network on a single system
  • Automatic configuration of NLSR to provide a routable NDN network
  • Supports user created NDN applications
  • Create a topology using the included Mini-NDN Edit GUI application
  • Allows individual configuration of NFD and NLSR parameters for each node
  • Provides an experiment management framework for easy creation of custom networking experiments
  • Uses a simple topology file format to define hosts, links, and configuration values
  • Configure network link parameters including bandwidth, delay, and loss rate
  • Includes a pre-configured topology file to replicate the NDN testbed