Release date: March 3, 2017

New featues:

  • Mini-NDN cluster edition

  • New experiments for making NLSR testing easier

Bug fixes:

  • Set site name correctly

  • Install missing certificates in NLSR security config

  • Fix quitting of NLSR due to key not found error

Misc changes:

  • Removed nlsr.conf file, generate it within the code

  • Use argparse instead of deprecated optparse

  • Update security config section for NLSR

  • Change mininet prompt to mini-ndn

  • Set network name at one place

  • Update script to install openssl

  • Update script to install cryptopp from package instead of compiling from source

  • Update to clean build folder every time to get rid of removed files such as old experiments

  • Fix old code - use net.hosts instead of storing hosts in a variable

  • Use nfdc instead of deprecated nfd-status


Source Code(zip)

Source Code(tar.gz)