Mini-NDN Edit is a GUI program designed to simplify the creation of Mini-NDN topology configuration files. Mini-NDN Edit allows the user to build a topology, configure the hosts and links, and generate a topology file that can be used by Mini-NDN.


Working with topology files

File formats

There are two file formats used by Mini-NDN edit.

  • .mnndn files store topology information used by the GUI. Mini-NDN Edit can open and save .mnndn files.

  • .conf files are used by Mini-NDN to create and run topologies. Mini-NDN Edit can generate a .conf file from a .mnndn file. Mini-NDN edit cannot open .conf files. Please see for more information on the content and format of .conf files.

File menu


  • New - Erase the current canvas and provide a new empty topology
  • Open - Open a .mnndn topology file
  • Save - Save the current topology as a .mnndn topology file
  • Generate - Convert the current topology to a .conf file runnable by Mini-NDN
  • Run - Run the current topology in Mini-NDN. The GUI will disappear and Mini-NDN will run on the command-line.
  • Quit - Exit Mini-NDN edit


Cursor tool


The cursor tool is used to select and move nodes in the topology. A selected node or link can be removed from the topology using the backspace key or by selecting edit/cut.

Host tool


The host tool is used to add a host node to the topology. Click on the canvas to create a new host node at the mouse cursor’s position.

Switch tool


The switch tool is used to add a switch to the topology. Click on the canvas to create a new switch at the mouse cursor’s position.


The link tool is used to connect two nodes with a network link. Click on a node and drag the mouse cursor to another node to create a link between the two nodes.


Editing host information

To edit a host’s information and configuration, right-click on the desired node and select Host Options.

The Host Options window will include tabs to modify the node’s properties as well as the configuration files for NFD and NLSR on that node.

Note: Network, Site, and Router in the NLSR tab are unused in v0.1.0


To edit a link’s configuration, right-click on the desired link and select Link Options.

The Link Options window will allow configuration of the link’s bandwidth, delay, and loss rate.