Mini-NDN cluster edition uses the experimental Mininet cluster edition. Make sure that you can run the Mininet cluster edition by following these instructions. Mini-NDN will use the “mininet” username created in Mininet cluster edition setup.

Mini-NDN cluster options

To run Mini-NDN cluster on localhost and another server server1 with the guided node placement strategy (default), the following command can be used:

sudo minindn --cluster=localhost,server1 --place-list=1,3

Note that place-list specifies the number of nodes to be placed on the corresponding servers of the cluster. In the example, one node will be placed on localhost and three nodes on server1. Unless specified, the default 4 node topology is used. Another placement can be roundRobin placement algorithm from Mininet. This does not require a place-list.

sudo minindn --cluster=localhost,server1 --placement roundRobin

By default the tunnel type used is SSH, but GRE tunnel can be specified by --tunnel-type=gre